I am a 28 years passionate digital marketer from Hubbali.

I took up finance specialisation in my MBA. I choose to be a marketing person due to some of my creative interest that drove me to opt marketing field.

I started my career as a marketing/sale executive (not to be mistaken as I must haven’t got any job anywhere else). Actually I was inspired by reading some books like Think and Grow Rich, High-performance entrepreneur and many more small life-changing books.

The reason I read so many books is that I was broken when I got failed for the first time in my post-graduation examinations. It was a massive blow for my self-respect.

There were many reasons why I failed, not only in studies but also making up to a successful career initially i.e in my early 20s. Probably you could read a lot of stories on my blog. I will be posting regularly based on experiences that I have been through in my life.

I love music. I may also share some guitar vides to the world.

If you want to know more about my career in digital marketing. It all started when I brought a new laptop a few years back. I started writing on my laptop just learn to type and as time passed I got to know about a thing called digital marketing.

People used the term digital marketing when they show ads on various platforms. I was curious as I was creative. I knew to type and moreover, my brain was running like a rap machine. I was thinking a lot about creative lines every day every time. So, I thought of learning some copywriting too.

As a person. I am an introvert with not many friends. If you are my friend. Trust me you will be the luckiest to have me. 😃

I work as a freelance contributor for Softscotch.

If you are looking for any Digital Marketing service I am the one who you should be contacting first.

Keep reading my blog to know more about me. And to discover the personality.

I am always welcome with feedbacks.