Monthly Archives: January 2020

It Was Always Me!! It Was Always Me!!

I did not get any other title than “It was always me!!” I want to stop complaining about things, people around me and what people think about me. So, it was always me in my mind. My mind is all that it thinks. I should not take it very seriously. […]

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I am Started Thinking Like a Yogi

The universe is timeless we are living on this earth with time-bound. I was watching a video of Sadhguru. Where he says something about the body. The body is just an accumulation of the planets five elements. It is like a bubble when you break it the life energy will […]

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The importance of planning your day

I am becoming more conscious about my work, day by day. Sometimes I will be more productive, sometimes I remain very lazy. I have stopped telling myself the word “I don’t know why”. If you can observe in all my previous posts you will see these words (I don’t know) […]

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I Am Working as a Freelancer

Do you know what freelancing is? A lot of people around me doesn’t understand the meaning of being a freelancer. I face difficulty to make them understand what it means to be a freelancer. People usually the thing I am jobless for a moment. Because their ideal job is going […]

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