The Post Covid19 blog post

Finally, it is here. I wanted to post something on this world crises but I was not able to because of some fuzzy things that were going on in my life. Finally, I managed to take some time off from all those things and sat here to write something on this Covid19.

What is this covid19?

Well, I don’t need to explain more about this or I should not explain it at all. I should just leave this.

Post covid19 I think the whole world gonna live life like me. I mean. I have been a non-social person for a long time and everyone out there was so social. It has been very hard for them to spend time on their own. This is something strange. You can’t spend time with yourself? what kind of human are you?

Many things gonna change in coming days. A lot of things have already been happening. People are finding alternative ways to live. Many lost their job many may lose their job soon due to ongoing crises. Due to this crisis, there will be reactive economical turmoil ahead. There are tons of people who will lose their job sooner.

We all need to remain positive and accept whatever comes in our way.

Many say this virus gonna come to almost everyone in the planet in next eight months.

We should not spend time worrying about things that are happening right now. We can just remain the way we are and be stronger.

Now is the time to work on ourself and keep us healthy to fight covid19 virus. All we can do is just to boost our immunity.

Well, one thing is for sure. If you are someone who doesn’t publish anything about current crises then people probably think you are dead because of Covid19.

Lol, well this was my content on covid19. I am pretty much alive and I will never give up while fighting this virus. I will keep fighting.

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