Dependent Life Always Has Limitations

I worked for a few companies before. Always I was not too fond of that feeling when someone gives you the opportunity, yet they choose to lead you from back holding your hands.

I love opportunities, but not with control. I always seek for boundless opportunities.

When someone has given you an opportunity, I believe it also includes responsibilities. When there is an opportunity with bondage, it doesn’t serve any purpose of being an opportunity.

What makes an opportunity as real opportunities?

In my opinion, opportunities are opportunities when it is handed over with responsibility, without any scrutinization but trusting the person’s work as per his or her capabilities.

Well, this kind of freedom you can only get when you have your own set of rules and when you are your boss.

So, be the boss that you always aspired to have one. There is no other way to change the world.

If you think you can do it better. Take a Leap of faith. Take that first step towards what you want your boss to achieve.

When you have an opportunity with the control, you start to hate your job. Your ideas are always often get squashed. Because people often rely upon the first impression. What they don’t accept is that things do change over time. It takes time to learn and master. It takes time to be the one that you have imagined yourself to be.

Like I said the only way you can be better at something is better to start doing on your own. Lead the people. Spend time learning new things. Master new things every day. Unlock to the next level every day.

It is essential to flex your mussels never settle yourself to the limitation set by others. It is all about you. Because you gave them authority to abuse you, it is your choice of whether to accept it or to ignore it. When you ignore and build on, you will expand. Don’t care about what people talk about you. Never worry about what is happening in other’s minds.

Setbacks are normal in life. You got to believe in a thing that whatever you do. It would be best if you always rolled forward but not backward.

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