I am Started Thinking Like a Yogi

The universe is timeless we are living on this earth with time-bound.

I was watching a video of Sadhguru. Where he says something about the body. The body is just an accumulation of the planets five elements. It is like a bubble when you break it the life energy will go out. That is called death. So time is only applicable when you are trapped inside the body.

I have been thinking about this every day now. Not so seriously but in a way of look at life. Life energy is everywhere on this earth. We need to experience it.

I think I have unlocked something new that no one has ever experienced so far at least among my friends and relative.

Now I am feeling very much alive not fear of anything that comes. I am ready to face whatever challenges life threw at me.

So what is life according to me right now? In this very moment? Well, my answer would be it is just happening on its own. Nothing much is needed to do. No need to bang our head in political crises. No need to worry about things that are not under your control. You just need to be present and keep working on things that are needed to survive yourself and keep you alive. That is needed to keep yourself alive. There is no meaning of life. It is just the way you are.

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