The importance of planning your day

I am becoming more conscious about my work, day by day. Sometimes I will be more productive, sometimes I remain very lazy.

I have stopped telling myself the word “I don’t know why”. If you can observe in all my previous posts you will see these words (I don’t know) quite often.

I am gaining back my amazing mental presence slowly. The meditation that I have been practising is working.

I should keep doing it no matter what. I will keep it a regular practice till it is 6th month. I will not skip the practice ever ofter.

There are few challenges that I am facing right now and that is I am not meeting any new people. I am not so social enough to keep in touch with people. I keep myself reserved all the time.

Coming back to planning my day. To be honest I have never been productive in recent. I kept on procrastinating things that I really wanted to do.

It is because I don’t plan things. I don’t schedule things or organise things. But does those things really matter?

Yup, it matters. Especially when you want to learn a lot of things and you are lagging behind with thoughts and emotions all the time when you are not planning. You will be lost in thoughts all the time and dreaming.

So, I was getting trapped in emotions of being left behind. Feelings of rejections and many more.

My life was in turmoil literally. But now things are getting normal as I am practising my sadhana regularly. The magic is real. The truth all lies in whatever you are looking at, rest all is just a manifestation of your mind and thoughts. They are not real. They are working against you in some way.

So, planning. Planning is something I need to keep doing it every day to be productive enough. I don’t see myself killing everything with my moves. I am getting that Lazer sharp details of things. I am getting clarity right now.

I will plan everything from tomorrow. I need to follow my Guru. I should follow his ideals and teachings every day without fail. I will keep his words. I will be happy and I will keep everyone happy around me.

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