Mistakes are embarrassing!! It will steal your show within seconds

It has been happening with me since my childhood maybe because of my dyslexia. No matter how hard I try to correct myself and publish the content, a creepy mistake pops out and steal the show.

Mistakes in writing are not acceptable as it spoils the reputation of the person who is writing the letter. It is always necessary to give yourself some time in editing the content that you wanna publish.

It can be anything. It can be your resume as well. You need to make sure your profile is fault-proof.

People always find mistakes. Which is good but you should not ignore the fact that mistake can cause you much trouble on your personal branding.

I am fortunate enough to be around people who do not go harsh on my mistakes.

I have done a lot of mistakes let me list it down.

Mistakes that went outside the context

  • I wrote the email subject wrong fewer years back
  • I wrote something strange on my first ever social media profile which people didn’t like it.
  • I wrote some horrible emails to my clients.
  • I have even misread many things and fought with my friends over it.
  • my first website had many mistakes as hell. Yet, I was hired not for the sake of my content but for my effort to create a website on my own.
  • I wrote many foolishly sounded ad copies.
  • and things go on and on.

I am freaking lazy to correct myself. I am changing this attitude by forcing myself to publish content every single day. Because these mistakes are causing a lot of problems in my life. The only way to end this is to face it every day.

Actually I am writing this post as I have done a lot of mistakes in my past and most of them are associated with my ignorance. Ignorance is something I am fighting really hard.

Ignorance are major setbacks. When you are not serious enough what you put outside how can you expect yourself performing better?

I need to accept the reality that I am not good enough to the current world. Though I know the language better, it doesn’t mean that I should puke words that come without any logic.

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