I Am Working as a Freelancer

Do you know what freelancing is?

A lot of people around me doesn’t understand the meaning of being a freelancer. I face difficulty to make them understand what it means to be a freelancer.

People usually the thing I am jobless for a moment. Because their ideal job is going to the office on time. Coming back from office on time and going out with their families on weekends. They want you to live life like theirs.

So, that is why I feel it is difficult to make them understand what does it mean to be a freelancer.

What does it mean to be a freelancer?

  • You have time for everything
  • You are the boss of your own.
  • You don’t have a set of rules to follow while you work
  • No need to go outside for work
  • It is the loveliest thing ever
  • You have your own space for work and things to do.

Freelancing is awesome if you have great clients. You have a lot of opportunities on your way to learn things, to grow, to make things out of your own ideas.

Isn’t it beautiful when you get to know that you don’t have any boss around you to judge and make things worse at work?

You have time, you have time and you have time for everything on earth.

You just need to lay down a path to walk upon. If not you will perish with time and go invisible one day.

I started learning a lot of things when I decided to leave the job and took up this opportunity to earn some extra income for the source where I am good at.

When you have skills you need to make money out of it. It is easy to make money if you have already mastered the skills.

There you have always grown on your own regardless of anyone’s influence upon you.

Job, on the other hand, is something I didn’t like because there you have restrictions, you have someone monitoring you all the time. You often feel uncomfortable to work. You need to act as per assigned goals and responsibilities. If you haven’t felt like that I have always felt like that lol. Because form the start of my career I have always remained sceptical about 9 to 5 job.

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