Why Social Media Bothers Me?

I am not nonsocial I like to take photos. I like to make the world look more beautiful than it is. Yet, I don’t like to create any content on it. Because it bothers me all the time.

In spite of convincing myself to post on social media regularly, I choose not to post because I don’t like to miss the moment capturing things. It is a kind of myth that whatever we capture will be cherished later in a day. We don’t actually as we get busy with things around us.

I have so many such video shots but never ever published or I myself have seen it in my free time.

If you have a smartphone you should post something on social media all the time to keep yourself social alive. Because, when you stop posting regularly people will forget you.

YOu very close friends often forget about you when you meet them after a long time. That looks unfortunate. I think humans are forgetting the way they live because of social media and smartphones.

Many are going depressed and likes and comments. I tried commenting a post after posting a comment I was not able to focus on anything else. I always wanted to check for notification.

Engagement is something that needs to do regularly. If you are doing any engagement you will feel the way I felt.

So that is why I don’t like to be on Social media. It is more like being bothered all the time. It forces you to check notifications regularly. They make the user interface like a game that gives joy to your brain to make it more addictive. When you are hooked up with such habits, you are like a money plant for social media owners.

If someone sees my facebook they don’t get anything.

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