The Best Digital Marketing Strategy Ever!!

It is nothing that complexes as it is made by some marketing gurus. I literally don’t like to read their content and spend time. I have done it for a long time actually.

Unfortunately, most of them are just myths. There is nothing as technical as it looks or to understand.

The reality of marketing gurus content is just this. They want visibility. So they try to claim controversial things over social media for click bits. They are all just gimmicking if you notice it properly.

I personally don’t like to read such topics they are just simply a waste of time. They tell same things again and again.

I mean why would someone publish content on Google Algorithm update? Just think does that really important? I mean yes it is important to know about the latest update. But, does that really make any sense reading about someone’s experience online and to understand how it would work?

I like to work bases on requirment if suppose my website is hit by some Google Algorithm I would simply look at it and fix the content as per needs. There is nothing to share in public that something has changed. Yup, you can still share the traffic details after algorithm been hit.

You need to understand that your website is been hit because of poor quality not because you need to make some alterations. When it is poor quality if means you need to work on your website. Need to take care of as many things as possible.

There is no big deal in being hit by algorithms. It will keep happening all the time since it is inevitable.

Digital Marketing is more than just being technical. There is a buzz in the field that you need to have a solid coding background . in reality it is not true. Your website sucks because you have shitty looking websites. You need to create a new one. There is no technical about it. You need to know some basics of marketing. You need to have that intellectual capability to understand the complexity that more than technical aspects.

Sure that digital marketing can gage performance better than traditional marketing. But it is not something like you should ignore the creative levels. I have met some bunch of idiots in the digital marketing field who don’t understand the creative aspects of marketing they only think in view of statistics and all bizarre conversion rates. They don’t really understand how the conversion rate works.

When you write something awesome content then your product sells by itself. Firstly you need to take care of the beautification of the product if you are in marketing.

Conclusion: If you really want to scale up in digital marketing results then you need to keep trying this consistently. YOu need to create variations of adds as many as possible. If you such at it you gonna drown at it thinking this era of digital marketing is hard you think that companies who spend millions on ads are simply rich. They are rich because their creativity leave is of higher standards in marketing. They never hesitate to spend money on testing.

You should never undervalue copywriting skills. It was needed before digital marketing it is needed now as well.

Digital marketing is very helpful in targeting customers effectively. Hence, it will give you conversions. For that, you need to have strategies across all digital marketing platforms. It is nothing like only facebook will work it nothing like on Google Ads will work. It is all about playing around with stats you get through various sources.

Just keep yourself updated and act accordingly to your best.

I think that is the only way to be on top of the industry.

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