My Step Towards Inner Engineering

I was miserably broken at the age of 27. I was constantly searching for the answers. I was alone. Of Course, everyone is alone all the time. nobody likes to be alone.

Recently, someone told me that he never went alone for lunch, dinner, or for any other work. He said he doesn’t like to be alone.

In my case. I choose to be alone. I love loneliness when I have nothing to share and happy. I don’t really like to be in anyone’s company when sad. I believe when we share sad things with other we often give up our hope to face the situation from the front. Sharing your suffering is like building your karma on your own. When you share negativeity you will get negativity in return. That is how the karma works for you.

As I was unhappy and missurable I was seeking something like magic to happen in life. Why so? Because my mind was full of negative domination pored by external sources. That was enough to pollute my mind.

The fundamentals of my emotions are too weak. My emotion doesn’t come out unless I choose to share. When I choose to share my emotions effectively. I make things messed up. That is why I don’t like to speak. If I speak, I speak nonsense. That is why I choose to write. Because when you write you have this opportunity to edit and reframe the message that you want to convey.

Looking at the state of my mind and body I was continuously seeking for someone or something that can answer my every question about life.

I was trying a lot of meditational tools. I tried all kind of meditation but you got to pay for the best.

As I was seeking for a Guru. I found Sadhguru by YouTube videos. I was so happy listening to his words as they were so clear and understandable. I choose him as my guru finally.

I started following all his meditation on Sadhguru App. I regained my life through his meditations. I understood everything that he said. I cured my anger issues and many more.

I needed a more advanced tool. To get that sadhana or a tool you need to have a guru in your life. That guru is Sadhguru for me.

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