I Moved to WordPress for A Reason

I wanted to have a website for the sake of showing my skills.

I firstly choose various platforms to host websites. Such as Zoho, Wix, Blogger from Google.

After trying those all things I got to know that WordPress is the best for blogging and easy to manage. Moreover, if you know how to use wordpress you will get to learn a lot in the field of digital marketing.

I am a digital marketer. If I don’t have my presence online then it will a downgrade thing to present yourself to the clients.

I read many blog posts on WordPress. Then finally I have to accept that this is the most amazing content management system in the world.

The navigations are so easy and there are so many plugins to use. You can play around with your theme. Show up what your taste build your brand and whatnot.

WordPress claims that more than 7 crores websites are using their software. If I don’t shift to WordPress then I must be a fool to not to.

I am building this website because I want to have my online presence and show the analytics of some traffic.

I want to learn WordPress development so I will be learning in implications.

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